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Introducing Cowgirls Over Coffee

The mission of The Cowgirl Diaries is to connect, inspire and kick our collective butts into action to create the best possible version of ourselves living our best possible lives. To that end, I have been contemplating this little cowgirl coffee klatsch project for nearly two years! Recently, I’ve had to kick my own butt into action and welcome you all to a little project I’ve affectionately dubbed,…

Hat Hackery

Unfortunately, my appetite for a plethora of different hat styles outstrips my budget for such things. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as trends and my own tastes change. Even if I had T-Swift Money I likely wouldn’t be able to keep up with myself. If you’re a bit like me with an unsatiable felt hat obsession and an unaccommodating budget, like any obstacle in life: try a…

A Spoonful of Action

There’s been a lot of discussion around social media authenticity and the dangers of comparison lately. That a consistent diet of status updates and retouched images, filtered through a carefully crafted feed of life’s highlights, is leaving most of us in a bit of a funk, if not, a complete state of disillusioned depression. And, I get it. I’m 100% guilty of sitting behind the soft glow of…


I’d like to officially fling the front door open wide and invite you to come inside the new home of The Cowgirl Diaries. I’m so glad you’re here! It is my sincere hope that this new little corner of the internet will become your go-to spot to be inspired by the best of western lifestyle – be that fashion, home, entertaining, or personal development; together we’ll connect with…


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